How do you give a business a face? Instead of putting up a sign, Stemmann’s age-old, high quality steel processing factory was given a new life with an extension. The extension blended seamlessly with the classic style of the existing building, peaking at its side. The window in the new peak is 3,5 metres high, and was developed in collaboration with Okalux, an architectural glass company. The window is double-glazed and with small, transparent channels that filter natural light in a way that, for instance, makes the shadow of a tree outside visible from the inside. Warmth stays outside, and the light inside is monitor-friendly. In the façade, each transition between materials is made through the means of a steel U-profile.

Extension industrial hall
Client - Stemmann-Technik GmbH; Constructor - Pott Beckmann und Partner; Status - Completed 2004; Photography - korth tielens architecten; Google Maps