Winner Zuiderkerkprijs 2012


In the new developed area IJburg North-East of Amsterdam lies IJburg. A grid based plan with mixed programm. Blok 46c is part of this plan with housing, parking and a square. Within the tight block structure of this neighbourhood there are surprising and interesting informal paths and places. blok 46c is a combination of residences and a school with a schoolyard. The building is perpendicular to IJburglaan, next to a square. By rotating the building 90 degrees it becomes a part of the neighbourhood, and a peaceful courtyard has been created for the residences. The fa├žade is slightly curved, lending more space to the square. The appartments are protected by a curtain of waved fences referring to the windy quality this city part has. Each apartment has a large balcony or terrace.

64 Apartments, social housing and 2 atelier-apartments, parking garage with 117 parking places
Client - Ymere; Constructor - Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs; Installation - Schreuder Groep ingenieurs adviseurs; Status - Completion 2012; Photography - Stefan Muller; Google Maps