The Molenwiek in the Schalkwijk in Haarlem was designed by Wiek Röling in 1975 and is part of the pavilion schools that were built in the 60s and 70s. The quality of the Molenwiek can be found in the relaxed and clear organization, the location at the park, the wide corridors and the beautiful auditorium in the heart of the building.
The building is outdated and in a thermally poor condition, it has no clear face, the facades have little architectural value and the auditorium has been demoted by an earlier extension to an indoor space.
The existing building has been renovated and expanded on two sides with new construction and has received an enormous energy improvement.
The building on the street has been given a new entrance with a library. In the park, the building has been extended with a five-sided extension around a courtyard. Light, transparency and a strong relationship between inside and outside are the guidelines for the interventions. To feel nature in the building as much as possible, the trapezoidal classrooms have high windows and the widest possible facade towards the park. Dead-end routes now continue so that it is possible to walk "a figure of eight" around the two courtyards, which lie on the central axis, with the auditorium in the middle.
The new building is clad in green gray and light gray beige bricks with bronze frames. The new entrances are built in glazed mocca colored bricks. The existing facades are lightly cobbled, the frames are painted and the purple fascia boards are made green gray.

Client - Stichting Spaarnesant / Molenwiek Dalton; Initiated by - Mevrouw Meijer; Structural engineer - Strackee Bouwadvies BV; Contractor - KernBouw groep B.V.; Technical installation advice - Halmos adviseurs; Building physics and fire safety - SijperdaHardy adviesbureau; Durability advice - HilgersomDeen duurzaam; Photography - Peter Tijhuis

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1975, architect Wiek Röling

1999, addition, architect unknown

2019, transformation and new building korthtielens

Drawing Wiek Röling, from archive Molenwiek Dalton