North of the Schinkel bridges on the A10 highway in south Amsterdam, there’s a great deal of noise pollution for the residents of nearby houseboats. Because of a combination of road and rail expansion, as well as a large number of houseboats, the National Bureau of Water Management and the municipality of Amsterdam have decided to take a number of acoustic measures, including the installation of a sound barrier.

An important principle to note is the multi-dimensional design, where the view of the surroundings is as critical as the view of the car and train traffic from the road and the railway tracks. The barrier is made of metal frames fitted with glass, on which sequential images are placed and which play as a film as you pass by. The idea of small, sequential changes in the images is rooted in moving past the barrier (on the A10) while the surroundings stay stationary. The design of the frames is related to the sturdy design of the bridge, and the sequentially-framed images give the bridge a tranquil line.

Sound barrier A10
Client - Rijkswaterstaat; Status - Completion 2013; Photography - Luuk Kramer; Google Maps