Needs in retail change fast, and interior design is often part of a generic idea which fits the chain’s profile. In this case the client thought of the store as an investment, bought the space and decided to renovate and reorganize the space specifically and completely. The space used to be a bank, and it gave off a vibe of heaviness, safety and intimacy. The new owner wanted openness, light and a welcoming air. The basic structure of the facade provided possibilities for great openings both on the street side, as well as in the garden. Ventilation, artificial lighting and electricity were integrated so the space appeared clean and open. Glass plates in the floor were put to give views to the basement.

Renovation and renewal form bank to interiorshop
Client - Coco Mat bv; Constructor - Duyts Bouwconstructies bv; Status - Completed 2003; Photography - Noëmie Cöen, René de Wit, korth tielens architecten; Google Maps