This project came with a perfect client: curious and interested in developing their house in new directions based on old experience. The kitchen is the center of your home. It's a tool to prepare food, it stores stuff and often it's the place to hang around and socialize. Kitchen design can be overwhelmingly high-class, as well as pret-a-porter. In this case, we tried to develop the kitchen based on our specific design built and engineered purely by local craft. A furniture maker engineered and fabricated the oval base, and a concrete and terrazzo specialist made the prefabricated green-grey concrete counters. We chose concrete for the counters because it implies the work that goes on in this part of the house.

Client - Private; Furniture maker - Matt Hewitt Furniture; Concrete blade - Corradi & Zwartjes Amsterdam; Colour front - Farrow & Ball, Blue Gray No. 91; Light - Caravaggio lamp by Cecile Manz; Photography - Luuk Kramer, korth tielens architecten.