zie het water
onder me
doorgaan op
de volgende brug
 Esma Moukhtar


The Andreas Ensemble is a part of the development plan for Lelylaan Amsterdam by Palmboom & van den Bout Stedenbouwkundigen BV. The bridges are elegant concrete constructions with unusual railings.

A bridge is a place, an address where people can identify with themselves. It’s a recognizable location where you arrange to meet, or which you refer to when describing a route to someone. With a wink to origami, we investigated how a simple form can accentuate a place. The bridge is a sort of butterfly with wide access points where the bridge empties onto a path to the nearby Rembrandtpark, and leads to a pad with a high point, with a sweeping view of the Westlandgracht. The railing of one of the bridges contains a text by writer and artist Esma Moukhtar.

2 Bridges
Contest - 1st prize; Client - Municipality of Amsterdam district Slotervaart; Constructor - BV Bouwadviesbureau Strackee; Status - technical design; Photography - korth tielens architecten;
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