Eenhoornblocks, Amsterdam

2 blocks with 150 apartments, social rent, Winner competition

Amsterdam is working on a densification assignment. The Eenhoorn terrain with low density outdated row houses is being transformed into a car-free landscape neighborhood with building blocks. Korthtielens is the architect of two residential buildings within the urban ensemble. The buildings refer to so-called lobby buildings. Buildings with a high degree of collectivity. The design is aimed at enticing residents to make use of the communal facilities. Both buildings have a lobby with a common living room for the residents, the interior of which was specifically designed by the Overtreders W. Besides the entrance, centrally in the building, both buildings have a laundry room. The houses differ in size and layout; larger and situated on the car-free landscaped public space and smaller with balconies on the upper floors. The smaller homes were made as light and spacious as possible by making them wide and shallow, providing floor-to-ceiling windows and always giving them a generous balcony.

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The residential buildings have a special colour and material palette with bricks in two colours and glazed bricks for the plinth. The entrances were covered with green glazed tiles. The tiles were designed by Hansje van Halem specially for this project.

Urban design
Municipality of Amsterdam
Design collective inner gardens
Frans Boots, ruimtelijk advies
ABT bv
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ABT bv
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