Daklaan Zuidas

Roof Avenue, Amsterdam,

Station Zuidas in Amsterdam is transforming from a relatively modest railstation into one of the most important hubs in Amsterdam. The station lies under the railroad and the A10 ring road that runs alongside both sides of the railroad. The ring road will be sunk in places, freeing up space parallel to the tracks. Bicycle storage facilities and station-related programs are provided in this space. The elongated roof will be laid out as a park. In the park there is a bicycle path that connects east and west and thus becomes a long distance path. The park will be planted with high quality plants and trees and will contribute to the biodiversity, cooling of the city and quality of life. Because the connection between east and west is made, the park contributes to the structure of ecological connections in the city. The design was used to explore the market.

Municipality of Amsterdam, Office Zuidas
Landscape architecture
Copijn Landschapsarchitecten, prephase
Municipality of Amsterdam, Office Zuidas
Ingenieurs Bureau Amsterdam
Strackee Bouwadviesbureau
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