Bridge Lingezegen

bicycle and pedestrian bridge through an estate, Winner competition

Parc Lingezegen is a new recreational nature park organized and built on the original Lingezegen estate. The intercity railroad between Arnhem and Nijmegen crosses the park exactly through its original entrance. Where the railroad line once cut through the former driveway of the former Kasteel De Parck, a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge has been built over the railroad line. This has re-healed the long Nuttree Avenue. The passage over the walking and cycling bridge is like a journey above the landscape, passing through the crowns of the old walnut trees. As you cycle upwards, you get an ever-changing perspective of the surrounding landscape. By rising above the landscape, you can look far across the characteristic long lines of the surrounding landscape.

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The bridge is composed of a steel tube with side wings on which the deck is constructed. The tube, deck and railings form a structural whole that is effective and minimal in use of materials. The supports are placed at an angle so that they guarantee the correct stability, but also stand as thin graceful legs in the landscape.

Park Lingezegen
Landscape design
Karres en Brands Landschape architecture
Sophia Engineering / Jeroen van den Bovenkamp
Buiting Machinebouw & Staalconstructie bv
Strukton Civiel
Emiel Muijderman
Wouter Borre
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