Bridges Andreas Ensemble

Two bicycle and pedestrian bridge Winner competition

The Andreas Ensemble, part of the redevelopment of Amsterdam Lelylaan, is a residential neighborhood that has several bicycle routes. Two bridges connect the neighborhood with the adjacent Rembrandtpark and the Westlandgracht. The bridges are part of the beautiful collection of bridges in the adjacent Amterdam Nieuw West. These are characterized by a strong graphic design of the dark blue railings on white concrete decks. The Andreas bridges are characterized by the elegant slender form that are folded over the water like origami figures. The concrete decks are made of cast-in-place concrete, which made it possible for them to be slender and unambiguous in form.
The steel railings were designed as graphic rhythms whose form reinforces the shape of the bridge.

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For this project, artist and writer Esma Moukhtar wrote a text. It is a hidden text that slowly begins to dawn in regular passing.

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