2 bicycle and pedestrian bridges, Winner competition

The Bijlmermeer office area where the two bridges are located was anything but a place to stay. It was anonymous and had little public amenity value. The municipality of Amsterdam is transforming the area into a residential and sports park. By constructing sports areas and cycling and walking routes, the area is being given a new use. The employees and local residents now play sports and recreate there. The two bridges, the Bijlmerbeauties, are part of these new routes.

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The bridges have a composite deck and balustrades of steel slats. The Bijlmermeer is one of the largest neighborhoods based on the CIAM ideology in the Netherlands. The original Bijlmer had a beautiful graphic quality due to the combination of rational buildings, the elevated metro line and the landscape. The graphic relief in the gold-colored fencing are abstractions of old photographs of the area. As a result, they form memory and recognition points in a series of multiple pedestrian and bicycle bridges in the area.

Gemeente Amsterdam, Stadsdeel Zuidoost
K_Dekker Bouw & Infra
K_Dekker Bouw & Infra
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