Van der Pekbridge

Amsterdam, Winner competition

The Van der Pek neighborhood in Amsterdam North, designed in the 1920s as a garden village for dockworkers, was for a long time separated from the industrial harbor area on the other side of the Buiksloterkanaal. In the meantime, the densely built Overhoeks has risen there with apartment complexes, educational, cultural and office buildings.
The two seemingly so different neighborhoodsworlds on either side of the canal are connected by the Van der Pekbrug, which was designed as a small town square. On the north side of the bridge there is room for bicycles, cars and buses and on the south side there is a separate pedestrian section. The edges of the bridge have been made extra wide, so that they function as robust seating and hanging edges.

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The concrete construction of deck and girders is covered with reused basalt stones, originating from the Dutch sea walls. They symbolize the rich history of the Amsterdam-North area, where various worlds and time periods are connected.

Municipality of Amsterdam, Slotervaart
Bureau Noordwaarts,
K. Dekker Bouw & Infra
K. Dekker Bouw & Infra
Stefan Müller
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