Kattenbridge and quays

Groningen, First prize competition Winnaar Groniek 2023

Groningen is growing and focusing on the future with more greenery, more residential quality and more space for pedestrians. A new bridge in the extension of Gedempte Kattendiep is one of the projects for inner city improvement. The bridge will make the bus connections smoother and give the center more space. The Municipality of Groningen has interpreted the task for the bridge in a broader sense and has defined it as a task to turn the bridge and the area around the bridge into a high-quality area to stay. The bridge crosses the monumental quays of the Diepenring and the clear tree structure along the water. The handling of the monumental values and the structural enhancement of the city nature and quality of stay are leading in the assignment.

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The Cat Bridge will be carefully integrated into the monumental surroundings and will be an important passageway and recreational area for pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge has no supports in the water so that the passage remains as clear as possible. The deck is made of concrete girders covered with an embossed concrete layer. The quays will be masonry and clinkered to match the current quays. The bridge has a graceful shape that extends to the quays which will be designed for people, plants and animals.

Municipality Groningen
Landscape design and nature inclusiveness
DS Landschapsarchitecten
Strackee Bouwadvies / Royal Haskoning DHV
Royal Haskoning DHV
Dennis De Smet
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