Temporary art project in collaboration with Walter van Broekhuizen,

Public space is the social cement of the city. A space where people see each other, where chance encounters take place. Where people stay when they are not at home. Playgrounds in public space are primarily intended for children. They are played with and they are a meeting place. Children exercise their bodies and make contact with others. This is important for children, but also for the elderly. Why are there only playgrounds for children and not for the aging population? Active outdoor spaces are also needed for seniors. Booomers are for everyone, but they were initially created to encourage seniors to actively exercise together.

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Booomer is a self-initiated project that was realized with funding from the City of Amsterdam. The Booomers come in 3 variants that allow for different exercises, alone or together. The Booomers give a positive impulse to a place and make you look at the place and each other with different eyes.

Certification: approved by the Dutch Certification Institute according to European standards product law for play mechanisms EN 1176-1: 2008, EN 1176-5: 2008, EN 1176-6: 2008, EN 1176-7: 2008 en EN 1177: 2008.

Private initiative
Walter van Broekhuizen
De Loor BV
Het Plot
Subsidy for temporary art projects Municipatity of Amsterdam
Technical advice
Ewian Vos
Walter van Broekhuizen
Arjan de Leeuw
Mike Korth
Gus Tielens
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