Diepenring Boulevard

The transformation of the monumental area around the Diepenring 2017

The Diepenring Boulevard plan is part of the Living in the City Center manifestation organized by the Municipality of Groningen. The agenda of the manifestation is to investigate the qualitative ways in which densification and transformation to improve the quality of stay within the Groningen city center are possible. A series of locations in the city center were worked out by various design teams. Korthtielens architects investigated the historic Diepenring. The entire area around the Diepenring has been scrutinized by means of design research. Quays full of parked cars have made way for lots of green and meandering square-like spaces on the waterfront which are programmatically linked to existing functions.

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Cafes and restaurants along the waterfront have the opportunity to expand their terraces on and near the water, activating the interaction between water life and city life. Bridges become meeting places that are combined with jetties and terraces. Urban nature is the guiding principle on and around the Boulevard. Space for interaction for both people and animals and nature.

Gemeente Groningen
City Architect
Jeroen de Willigen
Researcher houseboat policy
Jasper de Haan
Edwin Oostmeijer
Urban designer
Jasper Schweigman
Building historian:
Taco Tel
Project manager urban development:
Rommie Spoelstra
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